Don’t Let Negativity Drain You

If you find yourself feeling drained and tired a lot, you probably think about your need to sleep more and eat well. While those things can certainly increase your energy, you may be surprised to learn about other things that may be taking your zip.

Procrastination can be a major drain on your energy and mood. Who wants to go about their day worried about a task they need to get done, but can’t seem to start? Look into ways to bust the procrastination habit and you’ll find yourself feeling peppier!

Spending time with people who complain a lot can also sap your energy. It’s not necessary to get those people out of your life completely, but you can try to limit your exposure to them and steer the conversation toward something more positive. If you find yourself feeling inexplicably tired, it’s a good idea to look into why. You can start with a mental health self-assessment at


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