Another Year Older, Another Year Better

Once you hit middle age, growing older often has negative connotations. You hear phrases like, “Our best years are behind us” or “When I was in my prime…” enough to start to believing that this applies to you. Nip that thinking in the bud! Instead of complaining about all you’ve lost and lamenting over the loss of the “good old days,” focus on ways to improve your health right now. Positive thinking itself increases resiliency and happiness.
Healthy aging is, in many ways, up to you. While genetics and biological factors certainly play a role, you have the power to keep yourself in good physical and mental shape.
Lost touch with friends? There are always opportunities to expand your social circle through community clubs, religious groups, volunteering, and anything else that helps you meet new people. Socially connected people have been found to be happier and live longer lives.
Not as fit as you used to be? Explore a low-impact physical activity such as walking in the local park or swimming at the YMCA. Inactive adults are more likely to experience depression and feel less motivated overall than those who find ways to keep active as they age.
Worried about your mental health declining? Beck Psychotherapy offers free online mental health screenings at The program will connect you to local resources and help you find treatment if you need it.


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