Should You Try Counseling?

17758672_1308908289147095_8733002003987221265_oApril is Counseling Awareness Month, so many people use this time to check in on their mental health and make an appointment with a counselor. If you’ve been to a mental health counselor before, you know what to expect, although there is always something to learn by trying again. If you haven’t ever visited a mental health counselor, this is a great time to try.

There are lots of misconceptions about what happens in a mental health counselor’s office, but the reality is that it is really just a conversation between two people, one of whom is educated in helping people when they are going through difficult times or want to figure something out.

A counselor will not solve your problems, tell you what to do, or impose his or her personal beliefs on your situation. A counselor will help you identify what you would like to address or change in your life.

People who visit a counselor simply want to improve their lives. It is not a weakness, nor is it a crutch. Visiting a counselor shows strength! It shows that you are ready and willing to tackle issues in your life that you want to change. You may even want to check your own mental health before visiting a counselor by taking a brief self-assessment at


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